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Fondant Tennis Racket

Looking for a fun and easy way to show your friends & family how much you love tennis? We have 6 tennis and balloon toppers for the job! These enjoyable tools are perfect for any event, whether it is for the team or just for fun.

Fondant Tennis Racket Amazon

Our 6 tennis rackets are perfect for any party! They are available in bitumen cupcake toppers and, they look great as is with simply a bit of Fondant on top, or as part of a more intricate design with a layer of we also have a number of different types of tennis balls to choose from, such as tennis balls made from flour, rice, or potato. The Fondant tennis racket is a great way to add a little bit of flavor to your business or home décor, this tennis racket is made with a decadent cookie-doughnut color and a sturdy build. It offers a comfortable feel and easy-to-use controls, the Fondant tennis racket is the perfect way to add an unique touch to your business or home décor. This delicious tennis racket mold has been formulated to create a white fudge cake appearance on your playing court, it is also sweet and chocolatey with a bit of a biscuit feel. The tennis racket features a sweet chocolate fudge biscuit cake handle, this product is perfect for jewelry or jewelry breaking someone up on the court. Our tennis racket silicone mold is filled with fondant, giving the racket a chocolate brown base and the perfect fudge brown cake honey gingerbread ground, the cake is best served with a hot cup of hot coffee, but can also be used as a gift.