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James Avery Tennis Racket Charm

This unique tennis racket extends an 14 k metal content and a gift box, it is manufactured of hard metal and gives a strong decision point. It is sure to make a statement.

Top 10 James Avery Tennis Racket Charm

This James Avery tennis racket Charm is a beautiful, light weight, and sturdy piece of jewelry, it is produced of sterling silver and renders a small bit of silver hardware to make it easier to use. The Charm as a gift or as a set of two to someone who is very enthusiasts of tennis, this unique tennis racket Charm is manufactured of 14 k gold-colored metal and is designed to sulcate your game. The k is produced of heavy gold-colored metal and is strong and durable, it presents a loop at the bottom that can hold an 14 k gold-colored metal. This tennis racket Charm is a first rate gift for someone who loves tennis, or for any player who wants to remember their playing days, the blade it is manufactured of stainless steel is in a gift box. It imparts the player's name, player's number, and the year of the tennis (2022 or 2022), the loop handle is with a gold handle guard and the black box area. The box is likewise with the "champion James Avery tennis tournament trophy" write-up, the ball is gilded and the racquet gives a silver bezel and silver handle. There is likewise a serial number or code on the silver ball, this tennis racket Charm is from the James Avery collection and is available for purchase at the James Avery store in san francisco.