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Kids Tennis Racket

The kit includes: -2 pcs child tennis racquet -1 x ball -0, 5 mm spinner -100*60*20 mm carbon fibre shredded board the racquet is good for playing tennis, golf, or hand-bashing. It comes with a bag that contains all the game essentials, the racquet also offers a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it's an effortless game.

Red + Black 25

NEW! 🎾 Wilson Federer 25

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Kids Tennis Set With 2

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(black/yellow) 4
Spongebob The Court is Your Oyster! Wilson 21 Tennis Racquet Youth Kids Racket
Babolat Aero 25 Junior Tennis Racquet for Kids 8 to 10 Years Old with Warranty

Junior Tennis Racket

The wilson serena kids' tennis racket is a top-grade way for players who yearn for a durable, affordable tool for younger players, it provides an 3-state grip and is produced with a strong 23-inch length. This racket is splendid for younger players, and offers good power and accuracy, the serena racket also features an 3-color grip that is splendid for identifying types, and an 23-inch length. The wilson serena kids' tennis racket is an excellent surrogate for young players who desiderate a sturdy and sturdy tennis racket, the grip and length are both good for young players, and the serena kids' tennis racket is likewise hockey mama's top way for a good, sturdy tennis racket. The wilson serena Kids ages 9-10 junior tennis racket is a splendid substitute for young players, it renders an 3-point grip and an 25-inch length of hair. It is moreover a nwt racket, which makes it fantastic for players who itch to take on in the open court, this racket is top for playing tennis at a younger age. The kid tennis racquet is an unequaled surrogate for children who covet to play tennis, it is a head-to-head alternative between a clear plastic racket and a black racquet team model. The kid tennis racquet extends a head speed of 10 inches per second and is balanced by a light weight and head, the racquet can serve or hit balls with ease, thanks to its simple design.