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Orange Tennis Racket

The Orange tennis racket with 1 green Orange handle is perfect for children who are curious about tennis, the racquet can play any music you give it and is lightweight so it's easy to hold. Plus, the green Orange handle makes it look cool on any player.

- Yellow/orange/purple - Rrp £50
Red + Black 25

NEW! 🎾 Wilson Federer 25

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Wilson Blade 98 18x20 V8 Roland Garros Unstrung Tennis Racquet

Wilson Tennis Racket Orange

The wilson tennis racket is a great choice for those looking for a badminton or tennis racket, it has a number of features that make it an Orange racquet, such as a head mid- plus radical 4 14 l4. This racquet has an 14 l4 size, is made with a microgel surface, and has an 100% water resistance, this Orange tennis racket is a great choice for those looking for an unique game. It has a head mid-plus radical l4 design, which is made up of a plus field and four micro-gels, the racquet has a black finish and is made of durable materials. It is a great choice for any tennis player, this Orange tennis racket is perfect for playing against green players. It has a slim body with a simple design, and is made of natural wood, the miniaturization of the decorations on the racket is what makes it unique, and making use of an environmental friendly material like bamboo helps to avoid environmental damage. This Orange tennis racket is a great choice for any tennis game, the federer 25 in. Junior youth tennis racket is the perfect choice for young players, it is red in color and features a red sunburst design. The tennis racket is black in color and has an 25 an inch length, it is set with a white active strap (stainless steel) blade and a red sunburst handle. This tennis racket is perfect for younger players who are starting to play tennis.