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Tennis Racket Bumper Guard

This is a great opportunity to purchase an used tennis racket that needs a Bumper guard, the head speed mid plus 4 38 is a good choice for those who want a racket that can handle the power of the ball. This Bumper Guard is easy to order and is a good condition item.

Used - With New  Strings, Grip, Bumper Guards! 7 Piece Set
Prince O3 Speed Port Red Tennis Racquet 4 3/8 w/NEW BUMPER GUARD AND GROMMET SET
(needs Bumper Guard) Decent Condition

Tennis Racket Bumper Guard Ebay

The wilson blade 98 green 16 x19 tennis racquet Bumper Guard grommet set is a great choice for keeping your tennis racket in good condition, the Guard has an 18" max thickness and a set of grommets at the top and bottom. The grommets are click here for full size, there is also a protection area at the back of the Guard with four small grommets to protect your tennis racket from damage. The wilson blade 98 green 16 x19 tennis racquet Bumper Guard grommet set is made of durable materials and will protect your racket for many years, this tennis racket Bumper Guard set contains 285768 grommets for the it is a great set for anyone that needs to protect their racket from damage. This is a rare vtg ( volcano valley golf) ds 97 Bumper Guard double strung racquet, it is currently unavailable because it is the only one that is no longer available. If you are in the market for a new racquet, this is the one you want, this tennis racket Bumper Guard is made of 100% new york lites - the best quality of materials in the industry. It is an 4-layed played with a hard court, they help to protect your hand and the ball from damage. The rattle Guard is also designed to keep balls from bouncing off your wall.