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Tennis Racket Hair Brush

This is a great deal on a vintage barbie tennis racket Hair brush, this Brush is in red and is in perfect condition. It comes with the racket and is very affordable.

Tennis Racket Hair Twister

This barbie shoe group is for items that include: tennis balls, skis, and brushes! This group will include everything from 12 pairs of tennis balls to huge 12 Brush sets, this s barbie accessories mixed lot 10 is a great choice for those who love to play tennis. The tennis racket Hair Brush is a great addition to any tennis court and can help keep your racket's Hair in condition, the racket Hair Brush is also a great tool for cleaning your racket and is perfect for that. This is a barbie shoe and skis set from the early 1800 the set includes a tennis racket, an 12 pair of vintage tennis balls, and a Brush for Brush hair, this is an amazing piece of history and would make a great addition to any barbie home! Our tennis racket Hair Brush will Brush through your hair, style your hair, and give you a great look at your barbie tennis racket.