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Wilson Aggressor Tennis Racket

The Wilson 95 graphite Aggressor tennis racket is the perfect tool for those who want to get the most out of their tennis game, this racket features a hard graphite body and a tough full-metal construction, making it perfect for competitive play. The graphite sheath provides extra strength and durability, while the hard wood trade-off offers easy maintenance.

Best Wilson Aggressor Tennis Racket

The Wilson graphite Aggressor 95 high beam series tennis racket has a high beam which makes it better for hitting backhand goods, it also has a hard plastic covered in a black graphite coating which gives it a look and feel of high-quality tennis racquets. The al hockey handle provides a great grip, and the interior has a nice feel to it, the graphite covered racket is also lightweight and easy to control. The Wilson graphite Aggressor 95 tennis racquet is a high-quality racquet that will help you take down your opponents, it is made with a hard blade and a soft steel core, making it durable. The graphite coating ensures that the ball is tight and always feels like it is moving quickly, the 95 club has a medium weight to provide you with the power you need to make quick and dramatic changes in your play. and the hard rate of the graphite edged blades? They won't let you down when it comes to durability, the Wilson Aggressor 100 tennis racket is a high-quality and aggressive tool for playing tennis. It is made from high-quality materials and it is built to last, the racket also features a quick action system that makes it easy to use. This racket is perfect for younger players or those who are just starting to play tennis, the Wilson adventures Aggressor 95 high beam strung tennis racket 4-38 is a great racket for aggressive play. It has a nice, sleek design that will make you look like a pro, the back have a single head that makes it easy to control the ball, and the 28 medium-endurancespin-on shafts provide good power and stickiness. The connors-based company uses the best materials and technology to create this good-quality tennis racket.