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Wilson Tennis Racket Sale

Looking for a new tennis racket? Don't look anywhere than the Wilson us open 23 tennis racquet, this racquet is designed for men and is available now prices. With a lightweight design and an open breasted design, this tennis racket is terrific for all types of tennis.

Wilson Tennis Racket Price

This Wilson racquet is in excellent condition with no any faults, it provides a billet design with a soft rubber cover that helps to reduce vibrations. The 27 regular size wheels make it effortless to play with, it is moreover covered with an interfacing that helps to protect the racket from damage. This could be a piece of tennis equipment for a special occasion, this Wilson racquet is an unique and interesting piece of tennis equipment. It is a rare find and is a good investment for the future, this Wilson tennis racket is an exceptional surrogate for admirers digging to buy it for their intermediate to advanced tennis player. This graphite tour frame is large enough to provide good power and control, the oversize 8. 5 si size is exceptional for more average to advanced players, the ball control and power allow this tennis racket to provide good performance and distance. The white graphite build results in good strength and performance, this Wilson tennis racket is large, so it would fit an 14 year old's hand comfortably. It is fabricated from hard-wood, which provides durability and a good response, the material gives the racket a good overall shape. It as well lightweight, which makes it facile to control and feel comfortable using, the are to size. The size tennis racket for 13 year old girls is important to have in their arsenal if they want to play in the gym or court with their school friends, they are not only large and basic to hold, but they can also be used for serve and specifications include blade scale length, weight, hardness, and a ball size. This tennis racket from Wilson jr, is an unequaled substitute for players weighing 13 years or older. It extends a length of 95 and a weight of, the tennis racket is conjointly a good 10 inches in length and 2. 5 inches in width, this one is additionally a good 50 percent made of materials and it grants a defect this tennis racket is a top-rated surrogate for players who itch to play with school friends or in the gym. It is uncomplicated to hold and can be used for serve and the blade scale length is length, width, and hardness, the tennis racket is a good buy for players who covet a large and uncomplicated to hold tennis racket.